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Papercut’s MobilityPrint is a new feature that will allow students, faculty, and staff to print from their personal devices such as iPhones/iPads, Android devices, laptops, and Chromebooks.

MobilityPrint requires little setup by the user and is fast and easy to use.  Currently, it is available as long as your device is on the “eduroam” WiFi available on campus.

You may find the setup instructions on Papercut’s site here:

How does MobilityPrint work?

MobilityPrint allows you to send jobs via your personal devices while on the “eduroam” WiFi while on campus.  iPhones/iPads and macOS laptops require essentially no setup, while Android devices, Chromebooks, and Windows laptops require a small installation to connect to the printers.  The print jobs are then sent to a special MobilityPrint queue.

Upon first connection to the printer, you will need to enter your TCNJ username (no @) and password.

Where can I print with MobilityPrint?

Students: As of February 2022, students will be able to print to the Library printers via the “All Students – Library” queue.  This currently supports Black & White on Letter paper.  You may choose single or double-sided during the printing process.

Faculty/Staff: Faculty and Staff are able to print to their area’s printers that have been configured in MobilityPrint.  The naming standard will be Staff – Area – PrinterName.  If you would like your area’s printer to have this functionality, please contact the Helpdesk.

Do I need to release my job?

Students: You will release your job at the Library swipe stations, exactly as you do with any other print job in the Library.

Faculty/Staff: No, the job will print immediately.  Please remember to pick up your jobs from your printers if you are out-and-about!

My iPhone/iPad can’t see the printers, what’s going on?

The “Private Relay” feature of iCloud can interfere with Mobilityprint’s printer discovery.  If you cannot see the printers and you are on the Eduroam wireless network, please turn off “Private Relay” in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.  This is nonavoidable as Private Relay will ignore our requisite settings.